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At Deer Creek Digital Interactive, our goal is to develop our clients advertising message and deliver that message directly to the targeted customer.

Our digital interactive marketing is targeted and tractable, with verified delivery of the advertising message. 

Now, with Deer Creek Digital Interactive, you have formidable tools to efficiently and effectively reach your target customer.
At Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive, we specialize in radio and digital marketing.

We have the tools and professional experience to design a successful marketing campaign specifically for your business.

Holistic Campaigns

We offer a holistic multi-platform advertising experience to engage with the consumer while accurately targeting your key audience, ensuring consistency without exhausting creative.

Our goal is to drive sales by targeting users all the way through our marketing funnel.

Our Process:

The goal of digital marketing is to reach people, and there are a lot of companies offering digital marketing.

Our philosophy is that the money is wasted if you're not getting it to the right people.

We specialize in Radio and Digital Marketing but that's not what sets us apart.

We have the tools and experince to get your campaign in front of the right people.

Three teams working for you

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what our Clients are saying
We've enjoyed working with Deer Creek, because they've accommodated our needs and they're very interested in having us succeed.
We've seen some good results so far, I mean, every day I get at least two or three people coming in and taking advantage of the discount that we offered in our advertisement.
The biggest surprise has been the number of people calling into us stating, "I just heard you on the radio". It has been great for business as it really lets people know all the different services we offer.
We saw not only more participants, but we also received more registrations for businesses and organizations, so it turned out to be great for us.
Within a week of our campaign starting, we noticed a lot of phone calls coming in from surrounding areas. Great advertising and great people, thank you Deer Creek for helping us get back on our feet.
The results have been impressive. In the first month of advertising with Deer Creek, our client base increased by 25%.
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KHSL-FM | 1035 The Blaze

KHSL-FM | 1035 The Blaze

KHSL-FM | 1035 The Blaze

KHSL-FM | 1035 The Blaze

KHSL-FM | 1035 The Blaze

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