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Who We Are
Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive LLC is the only locally owned and operated broadcast and digital marketing group in the Northern California valley. Our heritage goes deep, dating back to 1935, when the Chico Chamber of Commerce invited Harry Smithson and Sidney Lewis to bring a new technology, radio, to Chico to stimulate commerce. This station being KHSL 1290 AM (the calls being the first and last letters of the founders’ names.)

In 1936, KHSL Radio was purchased by Hugh and Mickey McClung, who also signed on the first TV station KHSL Channel 12 in 1953.

In 2018, Deer Creek Broadcasting LLC formed Deer Creek Digital Interactive, providing not only radio marketing to our clients, but the newest form of target marketing, “digital interactive”. Deer Creek Digital Interactive is a full service digital marketing provider serving customers throughout the United States.

After much consolidation, various broadcast companies came and went.

In 2001, Clear Channel Communications purchased the Chico radio group consisting of now, KHSL 103.5, KMXI 95.1, KORV 1340, KPAY 1290, and KHHZ 97.7. Clear Channel reached out to KHSL TV GM and local broadcast veteran, Dino Corbin and invited him to return to radio and manage the Chico Clear Channel group. In 2005, Clear Channel sold the group to Dino Corbin and his partners creating Deer Creek Broadcasting LLC. Over the next few years, KORV 1340 and KHHZ 97.7 were sold. In 2019, Deer Creek Broadcasting added KPAY FM 93.9, and KZAP 96.7 to the company.

Partner and GM Dino Corbin began his career in broadcasting in Chico in 1972 as a DJ. He has served as KHSL radio GM, GM of KHSL TV, Chico Clear Channel GM, and Partner and GM of Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive. He is now serving in his 50th year in Chico broadcasting.  He has served on the CBS TV and Radio affiliate boards, CBS News Caucus, President of California Broadcasters Association and many, many local and regional boards

Now Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive owns all of the top heritage radio stations in the Chico market.
News-Talk 93.9, KPAY FM, KPAY Fox Sports 1290AM /102.9 FM, The Mix 95.1 Lite Rock, KZAP 96.7 Classic Rock, and KHSL 103.5 the Blaze country station.

Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive still believes the viability and success of local radio is to be LIVE and LOCAL with strong local professionals in the studios and operating the stations.

What our clients have to say

"This is Robert love, the executive director at Butte Home Health and Hospice. In March we started discovering that a lot of folks who needed health care weren't getting it because they were sheltering in place and radio allowed us to reach that group and find ways to keep them safe at home. I know our message is getting out there because I hear from people in the community. It used to be that prospective patients or families calling in for help were probably in the bottom half of our referral sources and now we're seeing it solidly in the top three of all referral sources. We've enjoyed working with Deer Creek because they've accommodated our needs and they're very interested in having us succeed. We appreciate that partnership. I would highly recommend Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive."  - Butte Home Health
"My name is Curtis Hugitt, I'm the manager of NorCal Ink and Toner here in Chico, California. Since the pandemic started things have been slowing down and we were looking for some new ways to advertise and so we decided to go with Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive. I was surprised at how quickly it went through. Everything was done and we were on the air a lot sooner than I thought we would. The whole process was just a lot smoother than I thought it would be, and to be honest, a lot cheaper. We've seen some good results so far, I mean, every day I get at least two or three people coming in and taking advantage of the discount that we offered in our advertisement. It's definitely helped bring in some new business. We've been noticing a lot of new customers coming in. Here at NorCal Ink and Toner, we've had a lot of success with radio advertisements. If you're looking for that same kind of success, I highly recommend Deer Creek."  
- NorCal Ink and Toner
"I'm William, your local Culligan Man. We decided to use Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive as they offer a wide variety of radio content, and they are able to show us how much we benefit from advertising with them. Our Deer Creek salesperson has been awesome. He really took the time to help us out and get everything set up. From creating a schedule, to recording audio and answering any questions along the way. The biggest surprise has been the number of people calling into us stating "I just heard you on the radio". It has been great for business as it really lets people know all the different services we offer. Deer Creek has been fantastic. Everyone we have worked with has been top-notch. I'm William your local Culligan Man and I highly recommend Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive."  - Culligan
"I'm Dave Cowen, I run the Chamber of Commerce in Red Bluff. We knew with some of our events that we wanted to have a further reach. Our event was a business expo and the folks here at Deer Creek took it on like it was their own event. They went the extra mile to make sure that everything we had anticipated was going to happen, did, and then some. We saw not only more participants, but we also received more registrations for businesses and organizations, so it turned out to be great for us."  - Tehama Chamber of Commerce
"Hello, this is Ben Reed from Reed Electric. Due to the Camp Fire we lost ninety percent of our customer base. We needed to expand our service area to the surrounding region. That's when we decided to call Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive. They came up with a great campaign for our company that was a mix of both radio and digital advertising. It was the best phone call we ever made. Within a week of our campaign starting, we noticed a lot of phone calls coming in from surrounding areas. Great advertising and great people, thank you Deer Creek for helping us get back on our feet."  - Reed Electric
"My name is Jennifer Monese and I am with Empower Tehama. We offer wrap-around services for families affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. When we were approached with the possibility of being able to do an ad that really targeted a certain area we really were hoping to reach the hard-to-reach demographic. We were only planning on running our ad for one month and now we decided to continue for an entire year, because we were so pleased with the results of the ad. The return on investment in the ads that we purchased was invaluable to our agency. We actually had tangible proof we were reaching the demographic we had hoped to. I am Jennifer Monese from Empower Tehama, and I would highly recommend Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive for all of your radio and digital advertising needs."  - Empower Tehama
"This is Neil Yelland your local financial adviser with Edward Jones. I have tried other forms of marketing in the past, but nothing has been more effective than advertising with Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive. Once the radio ads were playing I had a tremendous amount of feedback. It's really allowed me to identify what a good message is for the community, the appropriate time slots, and really kind of go after that specific market.
I'm Neil Yelland and I would highly recommend advertising with Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive."  
- Neil Yelland, Edward Jones
"Hi, I’m Tom Van Overbeek. My wife Kim and I own Whole Body Fitness in Chico and advertise with Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive.  Whole Body Fitness is a semi-private training gym and our members are affluent adults which the Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive reach.The results have been impressive. In the first month of advertising with Deer Creek, our client base increased by 25%, and awareness of who we are and what we do increase substantially as well. Not only are the results from advertising with Deer Creek Broadcasting and Digital Interactive impressive, the staff made the process easy and painless. Their people are real pros and guided us through every step of the process."  - Whole Body Fitness

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