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Digital Solutions

Expand Your Business through Digital Marketing.

The BEST Results come from using Radio & Digital Together!

Display Advertising

How it works:

Once out team understands your ket audience, we can then target them in a variety of ways to effectively hit your campaign's objective and goals

Keyword Search Targeting:
The audience can be targeted via the keyword typed into search tools on websites globally

Retargeting Display Ads:
For those who have already been to your site, we can deliver display ads, ensuring to hit users who have previously visited your site

Mobile Geo-Fencing: Audiences can also be customized based on location via outlining physical locations on Google Maps

Facebook/Instagram & Tik Tok Ads

How is works:

Facebook & IG Sponsored Ads
Effective methods for the greatest reach with Facebook approved creatives and call-to-action, tailored to the goal of your campaign.

We find unique profiles specific to your ideal demographic. including: age, gender, interests, political affiliation, likes, hobbies, careers, etc.

Identify the goal of your campaign and write compelling ad copy to encourage action ('like' a page on Facebook, call a unique phone number,, visit a website, etc.)

Local Video

How it works:

Think of Local Video like Display advertising with a video, these video ads show up on websites and mobile apps that aren't YouTube.

They show up in short segments before a website content video-called a "pre-roll video".

In addition, since people use streaming services on their mobile phones and laptops, local video ads show up on all devices!
Called TrueView, these ads run on YouTube and can be as short as 5 seconds and as long as 1 minute.

Because of YouTube's policies, these are available on a spend + management fee basis and impressions can't be guaranteed.

Over 1.8 billion people worldwide watch videos on YouTube every month. Your ad can show up in different places in the website so that your message is always front and center.

Email Marketing

What is it?

Email Marketing lets you reach your ideal audience directly –  right on their phones, computers, tablets or wrists! Email Marketing is a cost efficient, powerful tool to promote your clients products, services, and brands by sending their ads to targeted email lists.

Programmatic Audio

Radio enables you to target your desired audience by station demographic during specific dayparts.

Precision Audio gets your brand in front of the same audience when they are not by the radio.

With the large increase of overall audio streaming comes new advertising opportunities. Use Precision Audio to target using demographic, location, interest and more.

Combine Precision Audio with Radio for a holistic Audio campaign.

Tracking the Results

After the campaign is off and rolling we don't just let it run its course.

Our Dashboard allows us to breakdown metrics for every aspect of your digital campaign.

Updated at 6am EST every day with previous days info it gives a "semi-live" view of the campaign and can refine our strategy if necessary.